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QFJ-E1300mm- 1900mm High Speed Slitting And Rewinding Machine

Unwinding mode: The material coil is lifted by shaftless oil cylinder. Separate frame, frame thickness 50 mm.
Unwinding and rectifying: This machine adopts analog quantity rectifying system to track material edge or printing line.

Function declaration :

Unwinder parts:  

> Unwinding mode: The material coil is lifted by shaftless oil cylinder. Separate frame, frame thickness 50 mm.  

> Unwinding and rectifying: This machine adopts analog quantity rectifying system to track material edge or printing line.

> Deflection adjustment device: the unwinding aluminum guide roller has a longitudinal deflection adjustment device, so that the material can run with the guide roller to the maximum extent, to ensure the precision and quality of winding.

> Unwinding tension detection: Hall switch, with pneumatic brake to achieve unwinding tension.  The Hall switch is used to detect the winding warp and calculate the output torque. The tension is calculated automatically by PLC.

> Unwinding control: The machine has the functions of start, stop, speed regulation, unwinding residual alarm and unwinding tension adjustment. It is matched and synchronized with the unwinding place, and has the host speed display and unwinding tension display.

> Meter counting: The encoder is used to detect the working length, which has the advantages of high precision and high resolution. Considering the requirements of the production process, the program design has the functions of cumulative meter counting and automatic stop when the number is reached

> Transition guide roller: transition drive aluminum roller, the surface of the rhomboid cross line, making the material more smooth and smooth in the process of high-speed operation. 

Rewinding parts:

> Rewinding type :3 inch inflatable shaft, to achieve automatic tension control.  

>  Rewinding tension: Rewinding tension control adopts asynchronous servo motor, automatic taper tension control, synchronous belt drive  

> Back press roller: The  Rewinding contact press roller is controlled by cylinder, and the pressure of the contact roller is controlled by precision pressure regulating valve. The contact press roller is of steel structure, and the pressure can be adjusted according to the winding requirements

Slitting parts:

> Slitting tool: Round knife  

> Number of round knives: 25 sets Material: high speed steel


 Pictures for reference :


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A:Yes. We not only can customize the machine according to your technical drawing, but also can make new machine according to your requirements.

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